Opencart Extension – Product Tabs

Opencart Extension – Product Tabs

This extension will generate tabs with products of your choice listed in them. You can add any number of tabs and set the positions as per your need/requirement.

What you get:

  • Unlimited tabs
  • Tab title of your choice
  • Unlimited products per tab
  • Attach to unlimited positions on your site



Content Top:

Column Right:

Column Left:


Front-end Screenshots





Admin Screenshots


TMI Product Tabs


Affiliate Tracking Banners – OpenCart Plugin

Affiliate Tracking Banners – OpenCart Plugin

Today we launched another OpenCart plugin for adding affiliate banners to the site. Currently, Opencart doesn’t have anything out of the box to provide this functionality.


This module would be used to manage the custom banners for affiliate tracking and referral purposes. You can add the banners of your choice and the module will generate the affiliate code for the logged in affiliate. They can copy the code and it is ready to use on the affiliates site. As this will be a code, they can customize the size of the banner as per their need.

Affiliate Banner Screen for Affiliates:

The module can be accessed only by affiliates after login. Admin can specify the number of banners that would be displayed on the banners listing page and rest would be accessible via pages.

Admin Screen-shot

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Patriot Memorial

Patriot Memorial

Patriot Memorials cameos are a dignified and permanent tribute to the American Patriot. They provide meticulously reproduce of the supplied photograph using rare ceramic pigments that are kiln fired at 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. This is wonderful way to maintain the value of the picture & feelings with it.

Built on top of Opencart with complete makeover of the base template. Wonderful Design was created by Tim Kwait and we  implemented it to be a e-commerce site.


Footer Slide: OpenCart Module

Footer Slide: OpenCart Module

This module can be used to display the special content, advertisements and/or capture the email ids for MailChimp subscription lists using Ajax. This will be displayed only when user scrolls down in the site. It also has a cross button to close the slide and it will not appear in the current session of the user.

Benefits of this module:
1. Full customization; including background & text colors; display subscription or not
2. Custom HTML text for advertisements or highlights of the site
3. Custom image
4. Not annoying for users as they can close it too.
5. Nice package for increasing sales

Admin Section:

Few existing files are updated to invoke the module from front end, No processing logic is changed.

Demo Website:

Available on OpenCart Extensions:

Or Pay via Paypal and we send it via email after receiving payment. (We are in India so let sun rise in India for us to confirm)







Application provides a platform for business owners to advertise/publish/sell their product and services. Product/Service is displayed as Video and buyer can view and purchase from the site. Built on top of WordPress and eShop. Customizations were performed on the site to make it e-commerce enabled and better communication/notification to providers.